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Tech firms vying to sell drones, robots and other unmanned systems to the military – The Mercury News

By Aaron Gregg | The Washington Post Hoping to capitalize on an imagined future in which robots are on the front lines of warfare, defense contractors are making new investments in small, portable drone systems that can surveil enemy territory or even neutralize targets. In March, an Oregon-based thermal imaging […]

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D-21: This Crazy Looking Mach 3 Drone Tried to Spy on China’s Nuclear Bomb Tests – The National Interest Online

The military and intelligence communities in the late 1960s hoped the D-21 would help the United States to spy on strategic targets more reliably than a satellite could do at that time, and without risking a human pilot. Between 1969 and 1971, the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office deployed super-fast spy […]

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